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If you are looking for a church, then let me say that we solely exist to serve and honor Jesus Christ and His Word the Bible.  In today's world, so many churches do all they can to retain people and make them happy on Sundays.  This is done by music that excites the senses and giving messages that are softened to address the issues of the day.   However, we have found that true and lasting happiness is found in having a relationship with Jesus personally. We believe that church should be a place where God's love, presence and joy is experienced in a tangible way.  Therefore, we strive to worship the Lord with music that is is sung and played to our highest skill and with all of our heart, seeking to sing to Him in authentic devotion.  Songs that honor and extol the greatness of who God truly is instead of entertaining ourselves with fancy production and shallow words.  We place a high emphasis on teaching the entire Bible from beginning to end, with the goal of teaching each verse clearly and correctly instead of making it fit into our own box or beliefs.

 We seek to love each other by spending time together as a church and not just pass by each other without making an impact in each other's lives.  A church should exist to be a place of 'love in action' and where we can help each other grow closer to God in the way that He desires for each of us.  We want to avoid legalism, and so desire to see the Holy Spirit move in our daily lives in a powerful way. 

So, in a word, we are well pleased to say that Jesus lives and is the head of our fellowship.  May we grow in likeness to His nature and may we please Him in all that we do.  We would love to answer any questions you may have and you can just call me at 530-488-0351 if you would like to know more.

God bless you!

Pastor Jeff and the Church Family of Calvary Chapel Foresthill

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